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Friday, September 05, 2014


Online Music Revenue Optimization 

What are the differences between tablet and mobile in terms of how users listen to music and where are the revenue optimization differences? Where is your best bet for spending time in social media to generate Music sales? SoundCloud? Beatport? ITunes or Google Play. How can online Music on FaceBook, ITunes and the Google Play Stores be optimized within the digital ecosystem. - See more at:

When Good Enough to Launch Isn't Good Enough

Creative professionals no longer live in a studio bubble. In the digital age, what we do is deeply integrated with the pressures and limitations of our technologies, partners, and investors. Many of us work with or for startups, teaching us crucial skills about perfectionism on quick turnaround, and how to embrace the minimum viable product. As a result, things like deadlines, launch dates, and speed to market are often the measure of success.
At the same time, increasing pressure to perform has made craftsmanship more important than ever. Because in a world with democratized creative, great work is a weapon in and of itself. See how to balance the competing interests of craft and urgency, and how to avoid the trap of “good enough for launch."
- See more at:

Brands, Games and Music Revenue Optimization

Online Optimization... Optimize your Brands, Music and Gaming assets.
Apps, Games and Music are the top items purchased on Social Networks, in Search and In-Game. What are the differences between tablet and mobile in terms of how users play games, listen to music and where are the revenue optimization differences? Where are you best bet for Music sales? SoundCloud? Beatport? ITunes or Google Play. How can online games and Music on FaceBook, ITunes and the Google Play Stores be optimized within the digital ecosystem. How can games be used to promote business? How can advertisers judge in-game advertising? How can game and apps companies provide a better user experience and optimize game play to increase loyalty and user numbers? How can these numbers be used to determine advertising rates? How can ROI be shown to brands that wish to participate? What Tools are available for Music purchases, game downloads and user beahviors within online games and music purchasing.
- See more at:

What's Up With Your Online Rep?

In today's marketplace, consumers have a myriad of online sources to learn about brands. The information they find online will greatly affect their decisions about how and where they spend their money. It is imperative that brands understand their online reputation and formulate a systematic approach to improving how they are viewed by current and potential customers, business partners and even current and potential employees. This session will show you the importance of maintaining a good online reputation, a 3-pronged approach to monitoring and improving your online reputation from domain defense, search and social reputation defense and content defense. - See more at:

How the Cool Kids Attract and Retain Talent

A shortage of the smartest and most creative thinkers continues to challenge key sectors like software development, design, marketing, and engineering. In a highly competitive, highly skilled labor market, how are the coolest and most creative companies using processes, technology and a culture of innovation to attract and retain these people?

In this session, two experts on company culture help navigate company cultural differentiators and open up a discussion about what companies can do to appeal to current and future job candidates. When all else is equal, what works to persuade top talent to join your company vs. the one across town? What cultural expectations are we seeing from Millennials that differ from previous generations?

The session will be framed around key themes including physical space, community impact, meaningful work, connectivity, and appreciation.
Active audience discussion will be encouraged and all attendees will receive a best practices takeaway.
- See more at:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Water Hole Optimization (Leading the Horse to Water)

If you have heard me speak, you may have heard some analogies.
One is that Search Engine Optimization is like "leading a horse to water".

The key take-away is... SEO is not Conversion Rate Optimization or Landing Page Optimization, (ok, it is kind of... but...), SEO is simply leading the horse to the water... someone types in a keyword in a search result... and clicks on a website... or "pond/watering hole/oasis" i.e. where the "horse" drinks. The water hole, you got them there... the website.

As in... "You can lead a Horse to water, but you can't make it drink". SEO's can get you to the website, but not all of them are going to make the visitor contact you or purchase your services and/or products.

The process to make that happen is called "SEO" or Search Engine Optimization. From Google to a website... Stop... Do NOT collect $200do NOT pass GO! Someone searched for some keyword and clicked on a link to your website. End of Story. SEO worked.

Why do we use an analogy?

"The keyword matrix suggests the probability of a visit, the impressions estimation shows people have visited, social media data can be used to catalog the visits and provide re-introduction, top of mind awareness targeting, persuasion architecture, online reputation management defense as well as usage and demographic research."

Read the above; read the analogies below, if the above sans analogy is better, please say so. 

That is Search Engine Optimization... or is it? To some it is, to some it is not. Some say anything outside of organic keyword optimization is Search Engine Marketing, (Anything that is not organic search, but works in search as long as you pay for it.) 

About SEM, SEM could also be used to make the horses drink... once the SEO got them there. Yes, SEM does include the ads above the organic results so they can always click on paid ad and get to your website too. But that is basically picking up horses, driving them to water hole, feeding them and letting them go.

So you get the SEO part, right? How does this relate to equines or livestock management?

We are talking about Water Hole Optimization

So how do you optimize a water hole?
(Water Hole = Metaphor for client's online digital ecosystem or footprint

What are the aspects of the searcher/visitor/horse/water hole drinker, how do we influence them to make them drink once we get them there?  What are the factors for Water Hole Optimization?

 With the splintering of the ways users, (Horses), and how they are accessing water hole information.
Ranchers (Water Hole Marketers aka Digital Strategists and SEOs), have to reach across multiple disciplines, multiple query engines across varied OS for different screens. Ok, I know it's far-fetched, but pretend Horses have phones... laptops and tablet too of course... 

Is there an effective strategy for Water Hole Optimization, what are the aspects?

Organic Search = leading the horse to water

Paid Search (SEM) = Signs and Salt Licks paid for by humans to lead those horses to water...

Social Media - Horses sharing information about water quality, predator issues, etc...

Content Marketing - adding hay and other horse incentives for horse to visit water hole in their thirst search.

Conversion Rate Optimization - actually measuring the act of the horse drinking.

Local Search - Horse tracks, Horse trails that lead horses to water within the area around the water hole. Usually Geologists have maps of these things. Please consult an expert.

Digital Asset Optimization - widening the water source for the water hole... upstream...

Online Reputation Management - The 5 or 6 ranchers on the ridge around the water hole, sniping the coyotes, wolves and any other predators that would scare the horses away from the water hole.

Behavioral Targeting, Re-Targeting - Horse has been there before; they already know the way back to the water. BT or RT would be something that makes the horse thirsty again; they know where the water hole is that they just came from.  p.s. Be careful not to spook the horse... by following it too closely.

Naturally we will have Ranchers (Lead Strategic focused SEOS) and Ranch Hands (Search Developers), as the operation grows with scale... normally a ranch foreman (Search Scientists) will communicate with other ranchers about advancements in Water hole optimization... which is basically leading the horse to water.. With scale...
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Monday, November 01, 2010

SEO, ORM, Ethics and the greater good of Google

How long does it take and what effort will it take, to change a misspelling in a Google Search Query? Be it a proper name, Client's Trademarked Brand or Product name?
Ex: "Dawn Maire"

Dawn Maire (Correct spelling) is CSO at @Rockfish - Having recently changed jobs, Dawn is Chief Strategy Officer and since my new title is Sr. Manager, Content Strategy, Search and Social at Rockfish, that would make her my boss. 

While getting to know Dawn and while she was getting to know me on a recent visit to the NWA office of @Rockfish, She asked, "Does that mean you can make me pull up on Google for my real name, instead thinking it’s a 
misspelling of WWE Diva Dawn Marie?" 

Without thinking much, I said "of course, would tomorrow be okay?", She said "That would be great!" After a bit more thinking, I asked, "What do you want to be 1st for your name?" She said, "I dunno, how about my LinkedIn profile?". Knowing this plays well to using my search skills responsibly, I said "Ok, I'll do it right before 10pm"

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