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Steve Plunkett - SR. SEARCH SCIENTIST - ASO/SEO Leadership

Steve is an accomplished SEO scientist responsible for diagnosing trends in all aspects of search engine optimization and Internet-user behavior. His areas of expertise include keyword research for psychological relevance, pioneer in online reputation management, Internet conversion strategy, and digital and analog asset search optimization. He also specializes in organic SEO and user behavior across multiple devices and many social networks for brands.

He has been involved in the strategy and execution of over 500 websites for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. He has spoken for the State Bar of Texas, SearchExchange, BlogWorld, PubCon Dallas, PubCon Las Vegas, and both district and regional conferences and conventions for the American Advertising Federation. Additionally, he has served on the board of directors for the Dallas Ad League, was President of the East Texas Ad Federation, and was the Internet privacy advisor for the 10th district of the American Advertising and National American Advertising Federations.Steve studies user behavior across multiple devices and need states, his daily focus is on brands in search, (voice, organic, mobile) and social.

For Steve, Search doesn’t end at Google’s door. Since 1996, he has studied and experimented with all kinds of search and social to consistently provide front-page results and the highest search rankings across all search engines and social media. His strategy has shown that each business has a way to integrate search and social into the natural daily flow of business, which is genuine, provides value, raises brand awareness and fosters engagement with customers, just like when they walk into a client’s location and are greeted with a friendly smile or silly grin.

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Mashable says about Steve: - “Steve is the SEO Scientist with Good Karma in Social Media.”

Organic Search – 25+ years – Recognized as one of the top 1% in the world in Organic Search.
Social Media – Blogging since 1996, was PAID chat host for AOL/ 95-97 and Cipro/EMTC/CDC after 9/11.
Public Relations – Specialist in PR integration in Search for Fortune 500 B2B & B2C Technology Clients.
HTML – Was webmaster for University of Texas System 94-96 - Corporate Webmaster for 500 + clients.
Online Media/Paid Search – Has been involved on strategy for multi-million dollar campaigns, online display, behavioral retargeting and Paid Search campaigns.
Project Management – Managed and grew ISP from 3 employees to 36 employees, 13k subscribers and 500 commercial hosting, SEO and web maintenance clients from 1996 to 2003. Currently Global SEO Head for publicly traded multi-national corporation with over 300,000 locations and websites for 200 countries and territories.
Patents and Trademarks - Successfully filed patent/copyright for how Meta Tags Work in Search Engines in 1996.

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