Monday, September 08, 1997

The Morning Surf

By Steve Plunkett
'Bong!!' The Apple computer comes alive of it's own accord. 'screeeaaaacchh' The modem connects to Ballistic Action Net and downloads my mail.The coffee maker starts making those silly, somewhat unearthly noises.'BEEP' 'BEEEP' 'SLAM' The Sony alarm clock starts to try to wake me up and is silenced. Netscape is launched and my other e-mail is downloaded and the first web page of the day appears on the computer's screen.

I stumble past the dusty television and sit down at the computer. Now for the news,type in the URL, w-w-w-.-c-n-n-.-c-o-m, hit the Enter key, the site comes upand now I remember why I don't watch television anymore. Enough of the bad stuff, time to post the cool site of the day. Open the Telnet connection to to post today's listing, a website with great graphics, but most of all killer content. It seems a little too quiet so I point my browser to Joseph Vincelli's website to download some real audio to surf by, energetic Jazz, just the right touch. Now to get some of the stuff I have to do today out of the way. Where is that list...

First, #1 on the list, find out when the next Internet committee meeting is at the Chamber of Commerce, got the info, and while I am here might as well bookmark the City of Tyler page.Now for the rest of the list I can just go to the Tyler Mall website.
#2 Find out info on the new Fine and Performing Arts center at UT Tyler.
#3 Get some info on the Tyler Real Estate market, lots of listings andinformation at the Hearth and Home and Pirtle websites.
#4 Look up information on hospitals and brain surgery, found four websites, and for the hospitals; for the brain surgery,NeuroCare Network and Tyler Neurosurgical Associates.
#5 Find out health and life insurance.
#6 Look for stuff about financial planning
#7 Find a nice gift.
#8 Get stuff for the food fight at work , and a hidden, covert camera to film it with.
#9 Find computer training on some *gasp* microsoft products.
#10 Find the best place to buy plane tickets .
#11 Get the latest info on the 1998 Business Expo in Tyler.
#12 Get new tags for the cats.
#13 Order melatonin from the healthfood store.
#14 Make room in the closet.
#15 Find out legal information and about a lawyer in Tyler.
#16 Find out who is playing at Rick's On The Square this weekend.
#17 Find out about Henderson, Texas.
#18 Order some flowers and have them delivered today.
#19 Print out a schedule of the events for the East Texas State Fair#20 Get to work on time.

Turn off computer and go to work.

These are the Url's in order of appearance: