Monday, August 13, 2018

13 Rocket League Tips from a Legend about to be a Rocketeer.

13 Rocket League tips from a "Legend" about to be a Rocketeer.

What is the highest level on Rocket League?

13 Rocket League Tips: 

 From a Legend about to be a Rocketeer.

TIP #1 - play defense 2 win

Defense Can Win or Lose a Game.

TIP #2 - No Defense? Too EZ

TIP #3 - Legends facing empty goals, win BIG!

TIP #4 - Not a Legend? No Defense? No Problem.

TIP #5 - Want HIGH SCORE in Rocket League? PLAY GOALIE!!

 HOW TO PLAY DEFENSE in Rocket League. 

TIP #6 - Kick Back and Relax! Get Juiced!

TIP #7 - Kick Back and Relax! Get Juiced!

TIP #8 - You WON'T make in in Time.. don't even try.

TIP #9 - IF you call it, YOU own it.

TIP #10 - IF you call it, YOU own it.


TIP #12 - Just not at the same time? PLEASE!!!

TIP #13 - DEFEND: Another shot is INCOMING!!!

Friday, December 29, 2017

#FollowDJFriday - How to Start a Startup in 30 Minutes - Chapter 7

this raises two questions... or rather.. some new experiments... levels to cross.. mind you.. this is a bot.. an AI.. my greatest fear is going to sleep and it crashing things... limits.. it's not what we CAN do.. it's what we shouldn't do.. #ethics in the manipulation of technology.

IF you had the power to influence an algo, would you do the wrong thing?
Most business people would answer: "How much money?" -

actual IRL example:

Prospective Customer: "..for 10 million could you legally crash a system for me?
Me: "No...."
Me:  "Wait.. two conditions.. A: waiver from business owner B. financial impact analysis from disruption of system. Can we get those?"

Many times my answer is no.. until I think about it... the book "How to Start a Startup in 30 Minutes" is the ideas that instead of saying no... i said yes and tried to solve problems...

What is #FollowDJFriday? What is the purpose or process? Who is the "audience"? Who are the customers? Is it a B2B or B2C type of company? Do you have proof of concept? (yes)

Revenue: $$$$$$
Debt: $$$

Product, Process or People? - Process..

What is a unicorn? A post-2010 tech company that was raised in the shadow of quantitative easing and low interest rates when bored capital let private companies not go public — consider it something of a corporate adolescence. Oh, and they are worth a billion or more on paper.