Friday, December 29, 2017

#FollowDJFriday - How to Start a Startup in 30 Minutes - Chapter 7

this raises two questions... or rather.. some new experiments... levels to cross.. mind you.. this is a bot.. an AI.. my greatest fear is going to sleep and it crashing things... limits.. it's not what we CAN do.. it's what we shouldn't do.. #ethics in the manipulation of technology.

IF you had the power to influence an algo, would you do the wrong thing?
Most business people would answer: "How much money?" -

actual IRL example:

Prospective Customer: "..for 10 million could you legally crash a system for me?
Me: "No...."
Me:  "Wait.. two conditions.. A: waiver from business owner B. financial impact analysis from disruption of system. Can we get those?"

Many times my answer is no.. until I think about it... the book "How to Start a Startup in 30 Minutes" is the ideas that instead of saying no... i said yes and tried to solve problems...

What is #FollowDJFriday? What is the purpose or process? Who is the "audience"? Who are the customers? Is it a B2B or B2C type of company? Do you have proof of concept? (yes)

Revenue: $$$$$$
Debt: $$$

Product, Process or People? - Process..

What is a unicorn? A post-2010 tech company that was raised in the shadow of quantitative easing and low interest rates when bored capital let private companies not go public — consider it something of a corporate adolescence. Oh, and they are worth a billion or more on paper.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ORM - Online Reputation Management - #SEMPOChat - 1.31.2017

Good Afternoon All,

Please find the link to the SEMPOChat Hangout below for Tuesday, January 31st


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Topic: ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Moderator (Education Committee):
Steve Plunkett

Expert Speakers:
Andy Beal, CEO of Reputation Refinery
Elmer Boutin, Director, Organic Search (SEO) at GTB (Formerly Team Detroit and Blue Hive - divisions of WPP)
Simon Hesltine, Global SEO Business Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Please find the Hangout Link below:

I buffered 30-minutes to the beginning to get everyone situated and work out tech kinks. Please remember to use a headset (iPhone earbuds work great) and make sure you have quality internet connection (direct if possible). If you have time, set up your “lower third” in advance (see below).

Please use the link in the location field above to sign into the Hangout.

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