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Monday, November 14, 2016

Bias in journalism spreads hate and discord.

Sometimes.. 140 characters is just not enough.

What is Bias?

When i was in high school (the 80's) (magnet school for radio/tv broadcasting), we studied journalism and commincations. Concepts like Marshall McLuhan - the medium is the message.. Ansel Adams aying "no posed pictures" - which means dont make up news. However in the age of social media.. lots of news is made up, posted online then shared... When false news is shared this is an example of bias.. or laziness?

So let's use as an example, the current election.. 

We know Fox News has bias.. during the primary it was all too obvious.. whomever spent the most money in advertising was the candidate of choice..  i.e. Ted Cruz.. but hey, we all know Fox News is FAR right leaning and biased.. Why is bias so bad? We expect our journalists to be honest. When bias occurs the journalist is pushing an agenda.. for example. Recent hate crimes against people done by Trump supporters against minorities or women.

We know FoxNews channel is biased for republicans.. (some republicans.. this one gets his news from CNBC), we then extrapolate that either CNN or MSNBC is biased for the democratic party.
CNBC would be thought to be republican biased but they arent, it seems if we want the biased republican view, we look to Fox.. CNBC is pretty much unbiased.. it's all about money.. 

Which then leads me to the next idea that.. lots of the "prejudicial" leanings of President-elect Trump. Observation on Trump... it's about money.. it's about greed... not race.. who can make  Trump the most money.  

With endorsements from narrow minded bigots like  Duck Dynasty... Trump didnt help the racist, xenophobic view or his campaign, it made it worse.. for me at least.

Bias in statistics means that "a systematic distortion of a statistical result due to a factor not allowed for in its derivation."  basically.. Trump mentions are overwhelmingly proving he is a racist on social media... What if he isnt? What is Trump said outrageous things to stay in the news cycle.. he didnt.. what if he said these things to reach out to the fringe voters... he did.. so Trump's campaign reinforced the idea he was a racist because is made news... note: skipping over misogyny and sexisim.. because Trump is kind of a frat boy douchebag when it comes to this.. which means that every sexual assault accusation, MUST be true? right? wrong.. this is also bias..

We assume since Trump's locker room talk with Billy Bush. that every single accusation MUST be true... 

Many Americans also assumed Hillary Clinton was telling the truth all the time. 

Politics breeds bias... it breeds divisiveness - Love Trumps Hate... Stronger Together... 

IF.. Love Trumps Hate.. then the sign should say.. "Love and Forgive Trump", right?

What is that saying? if too many people are trying to persuade you to do something, you probably shouldn't do it.

i.e. you dont believe me.. believe Katy Perry or Vivica Fox.. which i would tend to.. i respect Vivica Fox.. but she is biased for Hillary because.. (i dont actually know why)

I've watched you and followed since you hit CNN, i suggested Don Lemon as a contact.. he tries the hardest of anyone broadcasting to remain unbiased. He and I have had this conversation in person.. I still follow you on twitter.. but the bias isnt telling the whole story, just one side of i?

On Twitter, everyone has a voice.. Retweeting others with false information means that you are putting out that same false information.

On Bias.. yes Sean Hannity is a FAR RIGHT leaning Biased radio and telelvision broadcaster..  but doesn't that mean he is a journalist?  or does bias.. now rule that out and he is just a "conservative pundit"... as opposed to wacko drug addict.. Rush Limbaugh..  who we know is full of the poop emoji. 

OR am i right.. and a true journalist is someone without bias.. telling the truth to the public...regardless or opinion.. political affiliation .. sexual orientation.. cultural background (race is outdated concept), or religious beliefs. Maybe this fits into your anti-media concept? basically.. i follow you on twitter.. and it seems like to dont like Trump and it's coming through on your reporting.. which includes twitter.. and your retweets..