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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Once Upon a Time.. 
I applied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
At the time I didn't know what kind of work i would be doing as a hacker or "special agent". I didnt want to put any of my family members in danger so i used my Disc Jockey identity as my "psuedonym". 

  1. a fictitious name, especially one used by an author.
    synonyms:pen namenom de plume, assumed name, false name, alias,professional name, sobriquetstage namenom de guerre
    "Geisel was best known by the pseudonym 'Dr. Seuss'"

(Hint: Any Facebook employees should read up on this simple concept to date i have used this word in 23 emails with Facebook and got tired of them not reading emails. Basically just wasting my time. Which is really what bored people do now, instead of visiting people, reading books or looking for real human interaction. This excessive online socialization has destroyed lives, families, relationships and made life more impersonal.)

Many people actually knew Steve Plunkett only as "Paisley"

So most of my online identity was under the name "djpaisley" or "Paisley Amoeba".
The first social network I used this name on was AOL in 1993 and was very successful in tracking down pedophiles in AOL chat rooms and saved several children from death and exploitation. AOL later bought Netscape and this identity was used again as an editor for DMOZ or the Open Directory Project.

Don Lemon of CNN was an online friend of Paisley and he freaked out when we met in person and probably still knows me as Paisley, not Steve Plunkett.

After AOL there was IRC, (Internet Relay Chat), Friendster, Friendzy and MySpace. At the same time i became interested in Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management. As part of my job at an ISP and Web Development firm in 1995.  I would make sure no one could find out anything about "Steve Plunkett" online by using this online identity. (This is called ORM - Online Reputation Management. Now I have been doing this as a day job since about 2003 and most recently for a political candidate)

I interacted with many people famous and infamous as paisley online and have made great friendships with people i admire greatly. (name dropping omitted) 

Many were on MySpace that transferred mostly to Twitter when i got a beta invite in March of 2007. Since then Twitter has been the way i connect and communicate with the world, not text... today... is a Bot.. an #AI i created so people could request music.. i still use it today when i want to communicate with those people that i don't really want to bring into my workplace.. tweeting to @luciferonFox even though it is a successful television show isnt "work friendly" or tweeting with tcast members from the television show The Magicians about things that aren't work conversation. That is what @StevePlunkett is for.. work conversations.. with the world.. about food.. see #NomNomNom or maybe an experimental focus and cognition formula #NZT51x inspired by the Movie and Television show Limitless.

to be continued...