Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Real-Time Advanced Analytics

HitsLink Platinum: Real-Time Advanced Analytics

Upgrade to real-time advanced analytics with HitsLink Platinum. Get your analytics reports and alerts in real time so you can act quickly on the data.

What are the costs of waiting 24 hours or more to see how marketing campaigns are performing?

Get real-time reports and alerts so you can identify and correct any email, website or marketing message problems. You'll also be able to optimize on the fly, and maximize your marketing and advertising budget.

Now is the best time to upgrade to HitsLink Platinum Web Analytics with real-time data to quickly and easily measure and optimize all of your marketing campaigns and control your costs.

HitsLink Platinum features:

  • Real-time dynamic segmentation
  • Geo-Targeting Segmentation Integrated
  • Demographics Segmentation Integrated
  • Multivariate (A/B) testing
  • Funnel analysis report
  • Multi-campaign analysis
  • Hoover's Business Data for Site Visitors Integrated
  • Custom visitor variables
  • Custom transaction variables
  • Unlimited history


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Upgrade to HitsLink Platinum, and take a 30 day trial at your current HitsLink pricing.

HITSLINK ENTERPRISE clients can login to HitsLink, and go to:


HITSLINK PROFESSIONAL clients can login to HitsLink, and go to:

(you will be given the option to upgrade to Enterprise or Platinum Editions)


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1 comment:

  1. I've used this application for business intelligence on websites for pretty close to 10 years. They have made changes when needed and even pre-emptive changes for google changes.

    I work with it EVERY day and I love it.

    DISCLAIMER: i have not been paid to endorse this product. I really do like it that much.